Selected Clips

‘Drugs Were Around Me Every Day’ | The New York Times

I wrote this story while reporting alongside columnist Nicholas Kristof. He chose me as his travel companion during his annual “Win a Trip with Nick” competition. Read my report here.

The Dairy Industry’s Immigration Problem | DataIndiana

Dairy farmers in the Midwest have made a decision: Enough with the expensive, morally-dubious use of migrant workers. Bring in the robots. Read on.

Beer battles in China: Anheuser-Busch InBev and the Fight for China Craft Brewing | SupChina

I reported from Beijing, where local craft brewers are preparing to battle multinational beverage conglomerate AB InBev. My story here.

You must be this tall to experience the earthquake simulator | SupChina

I reported from Yingxiu 10 years after the infamous Sichuan earthquake. My photo essay and article about the ways China manages the act of remembrance.

The Man Turning Tulsa Into Beta City, U.S.A. | The New York Times

I profiled George Kaiser, the press-shy billionaire who poured his savings into Tulsa, Oklahoma. Read the profile here.

Nanjing Massacre at 80: Unlikely Group of Expats Saves Thousands | The Nanjinger

I wrote a five-part series chronicling the 22 civilians — teachers, businessmen and doctors — who stayed in Nanjing during the 1937 Japanese invasion. Read here: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4PART 5