Selected Clips

You must be this tall to experience the earthquake simulator | SupChina

I reported from Yingxiu 10 years after the infamous Sichuan earthquake. My photo essay and article about the ways China manages the act of remembrance.

The Dairy Industry’s Immigration Problem | DataIndiana

Dairy farmers in the Midwest have made a decision: Enough with the expensive, morally-dubious use of migrant workers. Bring in the robots. Read on.

‘Drugs Were Around Me Every Day’ | The New York Times

I wrote this story while reporting alongside Nicholas Kristof. He chose me as his travel companion during his annual “Win a Trip with Nick” competition. Read my report here.

Beer battles in China: Anheuser-Busch InBev and the Fight for China Craft Brewing | SupChina

I reported from Beijing, where local craft brewers are preparing to battle multinational beverage conglomerate AB InBev. My story here.

The Man Turning Tulsa Into Beta City, U.S.A. | The New York Times

I profiled George Kaiser, the press-shy billionaire who poured his savings into Tulsa, Oklahoma. Read the profile here.

Nanjing Massacre at 80: Unlikely Group of Expats Saves Thousands | The Nanjinger

I wrote a five-part series chronicling the 22 civilians — teachers, businessmen and doctors — who stayed in Nanjing during the 1937 Japanese invasion. Read here: PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4PART 5